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All you need to know about getting involved in the Fram Centre research cooperation.

Preivious calls and more

These links refer to previous activities which are now completed.

Insentiv utlysning 2023

2023 Utlysning (CLOSED)

Nye verktøy 4.5 utlysning 2022
Utlysning (CLOSED)

Insentiv utlysning 2022
2022 Utlysning (CLOSED)

Program utlysning  2021
2021 Call  CLOSED
Fram centre Strategy ( ENG)
2021 Framsenter application form template
2021 Fram centre assessment criteria
2021 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ 
2021 Oversikt over konsortiene

Insentiv utlysning 2021
2021 Insetiv utlysning

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