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Complaints procedure for rejected flagship proposals in the Fram Centre

Complaints procedures
A party is entitled to lodge a complaint if he or she contends the flagships` decision to deny
funding, wholly or in part, to an application for R&D funding. This is only possible if:
1. The rejection is due to a procedural error:
-No external evaluation of the proposal
-The proposal is wrongly judged to be out of scope for the call

2. The rejection is due to abuse of authority (partiality, both personal and institutionwise).

Complaints relating to the Fram Centre flagships` exercise of academic or expert discretion
are not permitted, but it is possible to submit a complaint contending that the academic or
expert discretion has been based on misinterpretation of important information (see point 1

Only the project owner (institution of project leader) can file a complaint. A complaint must
be delivered within 2 weeks after the list of projects to be funded in the flagship for the budget
year is official.

All complaints must include information of the following:
-Who is sending the complaint
-Flagship(s) where the application was denied funding
-Project application
-Statement from the referees
-Basis/reason for the complaint
The complaint must be sent by mail to the Research Coordinator at the Fram Centre.

The members of the appeal complaint committee:
1. Leader of FLG
2. Second leader of FLG
3. Research coordinator at the Fram Centre

The leader and the second leader of the flagship must be available to the committee for
information upon requests.

Deadline: The appeal committee must send a formal answer to the complainant, with a clear founded decision, within 2 weeks after the complaint is received.

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