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Call for proposals to the flagship «Effects of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems, landscapes, society and indigenous peoples» for 2021:

As in previous years, proposal should describe projects belonging to one of the following categories:

·         Incentive projects; new pilot studies that may later lead to full research projects and/or increase collaboration between researchers and/or work packages within the flagship or between Fram Centre flagships. Incentive projects can also aim at developing or testing a new method, or include the organization of a workshop aimed at starting a new collaboration or planning a new project.

·         Research project support; additional support to projects that have obtained funding from external research agencies (e.g. Research Council of Norway, EU). The additional support from the flagship should give a clear added value and contribute to make the project meet the overall goals of the Fram Centre. This can be in terms of increased collaboration between flagship member institutions, additional activities to make the project more relevant for regional or national management, or addition of an interdisciplinary component, for example by adding a social science component to the project

·         Strategic support; support strategically important flagship activities that lack external funding options, such as long-term activities. Strategic support may also be applied for to fund work to participate in processes lead by international organizations such as the Arctic Council, the Nordic Council, or IPCC.

·         Outreach projects; extraordinary outreach activities.



The projects have to be clearly related to the science plan of the flagship (accessible on www.ifram.no), and the proposal should mention which work package(s) of the science plan the project is most relevant for. Pay particular attention to the aims of each work package for the years 2016-2020 (because of the ongoing reorganization of the flagship, the period of this science plan has been extended to 2021).

We specifically encourage projects in social sciences or interdisciplinary projects involving social sciences. Projects aiming at improving stakeholder involvement and increasing policy relevance are also encouraged. Moreover, it is possible to apply for support to involve people from non-teaching institutions in teaching activities. This year, each project can apply for a maximum of 500 000 NOK, but the amount granted may be shortened, if the flagship receives many proposals meeting the funding criteria.

Projects in the category «Research project support» can receive support for the same number of years as the externally financed project has been granted. This implies that if the project did not receive support in its first year (because the answer from the funding organization was received after 1 November), support from the flagship can be applied for in the year after the project was completed. Even if a project extends over several years, it is necessary to apply every year and one is not guaranteed continued funding, particularly this year given the ongoing reorganization of the Fram Centre. Reasons to decline can be delayed progress or reporting. For new projects of the category «Research project support», the description and the review report of the main project needs to be included in the application in the first year. New projects of the categories «incentive project» or «strategic support», which have not been reviewed previously, will be sent to external reviewers. There can only be one flagship project related to an externally financed project each year, and each applicant can only be project leader for one project at the time.



To apply, follow the procedure outlined here online submission form and project template

·       Applications should be written in English. Note the 6-page limit.

·       A short CV for key participants (project leader and main researchers from involved Fram Centre institutions) should be attached (max 4 pages).

·       The application should be assembled into on pdf document and uploaded electronically as explained here.



Deadline 2 November 2020

Frost proof websites from: Gnist