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Call for proposals Flagship “Hazardous substances” for year 2021 (DEADLINE 2 November 2020)

Important note: Due to a new strategy process in the Fram Centre, all projects in the flagship must end in the year 2021.


The flagship has four ongoing projects in year 2020. These projects will be prioritized for finalization in 2021. The call is also open for one-year projects covering research projects, outreach, workshops and education.

Proposals should answer one, or preferentially several of the following themes[1]:

  • Theme 1.  Human health & society – The effects of contaminants on human health and Arctic communities.
  • Theme 2. Animal health and ecosystem – The fate and effects of contaminants in Northern ecosystem in combination with climate change, natural and anthropogenic stressors.
  • Theme 3. Industry and urbanization – Impact from industrial development and urbanization in the North – Fate and effects of pollutants on Arctic ecosystem.
  • Theme 4.  Risk governance – Communicating and applying research results


Type of proposals and projects. Please, specify in the application form:

1.       Research project with external evaluation and clear added value for the flagship

Additional support to projects that have obtained external evaluation and funding (or excellent evaluation score, but no funding) from external research agencies (e.g. NFR, EU), and where additional support should give a clear added value for the flagship. Benefit for the flagship needs to be described. Attachment of the external evaluation and funding information is required. Expected financing scheme KNOK 500- 1000 per year per project. Duration 1 year.

2.       Research projects with scientific basis, but without external evaluation

Projects building upon previous produced data/knowledge without external evaluation and quality assurance. Expected financing scheme KNOK 500- 1000 per year per project. Duration 1 year.

3.       Pilot projects (new ideas), workshops, proposal writing, outreach and education activities are welcome. Financing up to KNOK 500.  Duration 1 year.

For all type of proposals: Provide a detailed budget per year and per participating institution.


The flagship funding for 2021 is at present not known, but the flagship anticipates funding NOK 6-7 millions of which approximately 3-4 millions will be available for new projects.  Projects that run for several years need new application for the last year 2021, including accepted status report and an updated project plan.



The Fram centre flagships were evaluated by an external expert committee in 2019[2]. The evaluation committee stated: “The integration of social sciences and social scientists across all FRAM Flagship programmes and research projects should be supported and strengthened.” In addition, there were some recommendations directly to our flagship. In response to some of the recommendations, we will prioritize the criteria in bold font (4-6) below.

Evaluation criteria:

1)      Research relevant for the scientific program.

2)      Research relevant for national[3],[4] and international environmental management.

3)      Scientific quality.

4)      Strengthened cooperation among the themes (work packages) as well as the institutions.

5)      Inter- and Intradisciplinary approaches where social sciences are one of the main scientific disciplines.

6)      Involvement of national and international experts.

7)      Education plan (master, PhD students).

8)      Outreach activities.

9)      Publication plan.

10)   Collaboration between minimum two (2) Fram Centre institutions.


Application form:

  • The application form as word format is available here
  •  All proposals must be submitted through this web portal. (Upload of pdf and complete the online administration form which you find in the web portal)
  •  Resubmission of proposals is possible until the deadline.
  • The maximum page numbers for application is six (6) pages (see template).
  • Please provide detailed budget per year and per participating institution.

Deadline: November 2nd 2020


The flagship’s suggestions for 2021 will be sent to the new Steering group of the Fram Centre and the Ministry of Climate and Environment within January 15th 2021. Final project plan will be ready as the budget frame is specified by the Ministry of Climate and Environment mid-February.


Eldbjørg Heimstad esh@nilu.no , Kjetil Sagerup ksa@akvaplan.niva.no  and theme leaders.

September 16th 2020


[1] https://ifram.framsenteret.no/flagships/scientific-program-hazardous-substances-effects-on-ecosystems-and-human-health-miljogifter/
[2] https://www.forskningsradet.no/contentassets/8695dd49ad9b46b283ab2760de69136c/fram-evaluation-report.pdf
[3] https://www.miljodirektoratet.no/publikasjoner/2016/juli-2016/miljodirektoratets-prioriterte-forskningsbehov-2016—2021/

[4] https://www.regjeringen.no/contentassets/a1872f19e96c44229dddc810991abd5a/t-1552_b.pdf

Frost proof websites from: Gnist