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Norway has responsibility to generate and provide knowledge about its marine systems, and
integrate this knowledge into plans for sustainable use of resources and maintenance of ecosystem

The support of basic research is the primary tool through which this is accomplished. The rapid
climate change only highlights the need for such basic research, providing a current understanding
for today’s management, and as a context for comparisons with earlier and future conditions.
The science of climate change, ecosystem understanding and human use is multidisciplinary and
complex, and can only be developed via national and international research networks, performing
interdisciplinary collaborations among multiple institutes, combining natural and social sciences,
and linking research and education.

Several national ministries are involved in the Fram Centre leadership, as are institutes primarily
responsible for environmental and resource management in Norway. This assures rapid
communication of research results to authorities, which are charged with stewardship of resources
in the northern regions.


Full scientific program Fjord and Coast scientific plan

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