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Year: 2020
Project manager: Tore Syversen
Project code: 503 1022019

REM is a feasibility study that aims to find out how the fishing fleet operating in the Barents Sea can contribute to collection of environmental data that can be used by scientists to improve existing measurement data. The main objective of the project is to collect information from other Fram Centre institutions on how environmental measurements are done today, particularly at sea, and from this information prepare a requirement specification for a future development of an automatic, remote monitoring system, including data management. The project is linked to an ongoing technological project by SINTEF in cooperation with UiT and the fishing industry, and the idea is that equipment developed for, and used by, the fishing industry can be used for in-situ measurements of environmental parameters made available for everyone. The main approach in this project will be to arrange a workshop on the subject, inviting institutions at the Fram Centre to participate.
We think that data collected automatically during fishing will have great potential to be used as add-on information to ordinary collected data, hence improving environmental information and forming an automatic remote monitoring system.

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