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Year: 2019/2020/2021
Project manager: Sanne Bech Holmgaard
Project code: 332019

TRACE will investigate ways of integrating of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) in planning and impact assessments. Using available data from the review assignments for the on-going investigation on traditional land rights by the Finnmark Commission and experiences with mapping TEK done by NIKU and the project partner Centre for Sami Studies, TRACE will investigate the applicability of this data for use in planning and impact assessments. TRACE will review technical options as well as ethical and legal issues related to making TEK available to planners and other users. The project will develop a pilot version of a map-based database of TEK and explore issues of ownership and relevance with stakeholders. Through these objectives and deliverables, TRACE will contribute to solutions to the challenge of how to follow up on national and international obligation to include TEK in planning and impact assessment.

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