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Year: 2020
Project manager: Marie-Anne Blanchet
Project code: 491 1062019

AMINOR – the Research School in Environmental Research of the Fram Centre – provides a communication and educational platform for scientists and environmental managers, focusing on the integration of monitoring, science and management across several scientific
disciplines. It is a multidisciplinary research network connecting members across all Fram Centre flagships. The main focus groups are researchers, early career scientists, PhD and master students from diverse scientific disciplines: terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology, ecotoxicology, statistics, oceanography, meteorology, economics, ethics, political/social science and history. AMINOR aims at promoting the use and development of theory, more efficient and tailored study designs and appropriate analytical methods in both research and management. AMINOR does this through workshops, group discussions and courses. Such a strong scientific framework is paramount to rigorous monitoring of ecosystems, hence creating better frameworks to answer scientific and management questions. Currently AMINOR has 68 registered members from 12 institutions. The success of the ongoing activities of AMINOR, and the long-term sustainability of this network, depends on continued financing that covers the expenses for all activities and occasionally for visiting researchers. The latter are essential for broadening the educational and research activities of the Fram Centre, as well as to improve international cooperation.

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