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Norsk Institutt for Vannforskning NIVA

Year: 2019
Project manager: Marianne Karlsson
Project code: 392018

Whereas some risks within the Arctic region fall within national jurisdictions, most environmental stressors are transboundary, covering several jurisdictions. The potential cumulative effects of climate change and hazardous chemicals are examples of transboundary risk. To disclose potential conflicting interests between national and international administrative levels and to identify a sound approach to manage transboundary risks, it is important to enhance the understanding of relevant policies and practices on a national, regional and international level, and the interlinkages between these. The rapid and disruptive ongoing changes in the Arctic warrant a holistic, integrated approach to deal with environmental risks. The proposed project aims to improve the understanding of risk governance related to multiple stressors to provide decision-makers with sound policy measures and management options, as well as to illuminate potential bottlenecks. Moreover, we will assess how scientific knowledge can aid policy development on complex environmental risk interactions. The findings will be disseminated to scientists, decision makers and the public, through 1-2 scientific peer-reviewed articles, policy notes and popular outreach.

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