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Year: 2020/2021
Project manager: Rolf A. Ims
Project code: 429 1082019

COAT- Climate-ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra is presently the key activity in WP5 of terrestrial flagship. COAT is a baseline activity also for the other work packages of the flagship by providing data and analyses on long-term ecosystem-level impacts of climate change in the Norwegian sector of the proper terrestrial Arctic (i.e. Arctic tundra). COAT aims to becoming a pioneering observatory within the circumpolar Arctic – based on a fully ecosystem-based approach and according to principles for adaptive monitoring. During 2011-2013 a team of 24 researchers belonging to 5 institutions developed a the comprehensive COAT Science plan (Ims et al. 2013) to be implemented on high-arctic Svalbard and low-arctic Varanger peninsula. The plan has been externally reviewed with the best grade possible. In 2015-2017, funding for establishing COAT Infrastructure during 2016-2020 was granted from RCN and Tromsø Research Foundation (TRF). However, sufficient external funding for running the long-term research within COAT is yet not in place. Until such external funding has been achieved, only the most important baseline monitoring series will be maintained. The present application to the terrestrial flagship regards expenses (mainly field work) for continuing the baseline activities of COAT that will complement internal funding from the participating flagship institutions.

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