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UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Year: 2019/2020/2021
Project manager: Claire Runge
Project code: 702018

Arctic regions are subject to intense global interest as melting sea ice and large infrastructure projects increase opportunities for industrial development. Designing and delivering sustainable futures for northern regions requires systematic approaches and tools that consider the cumulative, landscape-wide changes to socioecological systems, and subsequent changes to biodiversity and ecosystem services that go along with development. CurBES will synthesis baseline, quantitative spatial data on the impacts of industry-related linear infrastructure on biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) in northern Norway over the past 30 years. This project will draw on existing datasets on the impacts of linear infrastructure, spatial locations of ecosystem services in northern Norway, and our expertise in systematic land-use planning. CurBES will aid planners to evaluate trade-offs and design futures that minimise cumulative impacts on threatened biodiversity and valued ecosystem services, while maintaining opportunities for long-term economic security. It will further support decision-makers in the sustainable development of northern regions by delivering guidelines and policy recommendations for incorporating cumulative impacts and ecosystem services into land-use planning.

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