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Year: 2019/2020
Project manager: Per Arneberg
Project code: 432019

The oceans are becoming a major arena for economic growth, addressing global challenges such as food security, poverty and provision of natural resources and energy. To guide management, Norway has recently launched a system for assessing the status of Norwegian ecosystems using seven targets describing ecosystem state and function. In ESCE we propose to use the coastal ecosystems of Northern Norway as a scientific test-bed for evaluating the new framework. Building on datasets and knowledge developed in a series of projects funded by MIKON and NRC, we will critically implement relevant indicators and investigate how the suggested targets of ecosystem status relate to indices of coastal fisheries, aquaculture, nature-based tourism and local peoples’ preferences. The project will address questions of general relevance to management and ecosystem and sustainability sciences: What is the relationship between ecosystem status and the provision of ecosystem services? What are the combined impacts of anthropogenic pressures on the status of the ecosystem?

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