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Year: 2020/2021
Project manager: Jane Uhd Jepsen / André Frainer, NINA
Project code: 460 1142019

Freshwater ecosystems are central components of subarctic and arctic landscapes, but the understanding of their coupling with the surrounding terrestrial ecosystems, and how that coupling might be affected by climate change is currently unassessed. Here, we build on extensive previous knowledge on climate impacts on terrestrial food webs through the long-term Fram Centre initiative COAT , and form a consortium of terrestrial and freshwater ecologists and climate scientists who will address this large knowledge gap and develop a long-term, cross-ecosystem observatory for Norway’s sub- and low-Arctic bioclimatic zones. We will organize two workshops gathering key scientists and important local stakeholders with the aim to identify, pursue and report on a set of short- and long-term targets. This strategic proposal will result in research projects that will seek funding nationally and internationally

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