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Akvaplan-niva AS

Year: 2019
Project manager: Jenny L.A. Jensen
Project code: 432018

This proposal is for the third study year of three. The aquaculture industry in Norway is faced with a number of challenges today, whereof spreading of the parasite salmon lice from fish farms to wild anadromous salmonids is the largest and most pressing. The proposed project will use electronic tracking to study the migratory behavior of Arctic charr and brown trout in the Alta fjord (N70 03.000 E23 05.000). It will also perform oceanographic modelling of currents, temperatures and salinity in the fjord system. The project will combine the fish migratory behavior data with the oceanographic data with the aim of understanding not only where in the fjord the fishes reside, but why they stay in different fjord areas. By understanding which underlying factors controls the migratory behavior, the knowledge can be transferred to other populations and other fjord systems. With this understanding, the ultimate goal of the project is to be able to give knowledge based advice on best localization of new fish farms in the Alta and other fjord systems. These advices will be based on advanced oceanographic modelling of currents, temperature and salinities, and will also include models of how the parasite larvae are spread from the fish farming localities with currents in the fjord. The proposed project will be part of a larger similar project on Atlantic salmon smolts. With the inclusion of the proposed project, a complete picture of all naturally occurring Norwegian salmonids in relation to aquaculture activities can be achieved.

Frost proof websites from: Gnist