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UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Year: 2019
Project manager: Camilla Brattland
Project code: 772018

IndGov targets main rights- and stakeholders in the intersection between indigenous communities and extractive industries. Connected to the NFR project “the Arctic Governance Triangle” (TriArc), IndGov works towards integration of knowledge of indigenous use in the knowledge basis for resource management and spatial planning in northern communities. The case areas and studies involves intersections between indigenous traditional land use (including reindeer husbandry) and extractive industries such as mining, green energies, and the aquaculture industry. A particular emphasis is placed on learning from “best practices” in industry-indigenous governance interactions. IndGov aims to learn from successful indigenous-industry governance arrangement as well as traditional knowledge integration that facilitate indigenous wellbeing. This project will through rights- stakeholders’ contributions (three workshops), identify indicators for socio-ecological and indigenous wellbeing with relevance for environmental impact assessments and ecosystem-based management.

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