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Norsk Polarinstitutt

Year: 2019
Project manager: Paul A. Dodd
Project code: 542018

Atlantic Water flows into the Arctic Ocean via Fram Strait, and follows the continental slope north of Svalbard as it flows eastwards, deeper into the Arctic Ocean. This current is the largest oceanic heat source for the Arctic Ocean, and transports nutrients and organisms from lower to higher latitudes. The A-TWAIN project carries out a long-term measurement program, which combines instrument moorings deployed over several years with high-resolution, multi-parameter surveys during bi-annual cruises. The resulting data set allows for increased understanding of inter-annual variability, seasonal cycles, and more short-lived phenomena like eddies (Crews et al., 2017), upwelling (Randelhoff et al., 2018) and vertical mixing which influence the overlying sea ice cover (Renner et al., 2018, Rippeth et al., 2015). By studying these factors, the project contributes strongly to increased knowledge about an area which is presently receiving considerable attention, both scientifically and with respect to management and industry, from national as well as international groups. The present proposal is for a one-year continuation of the program, in anticipation that the program will be strengthened in years to come through strong collaboration efforts and associated new projects.

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