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Year: 2020/2021
Project manager: Ionut Cristi Nicu
Project code: 449 1172019

We apply for research project support in maintaining a longer monitoring effort of climate induced geohazards and rate of activity at two sites already identified through an ongoing research project. The sites of Hiorthhamn and Russekeila has cultural remains from different ages, early mining and Russian Pomor settlements, respectively. This project aims to understand and quantify rapid climate and weather induced geohazards in the coastal zones of Svalbard. Both slope processes and coastal erosion are threatening and destroying valuable cultural heritage (CH) sites. The sites were detected and firstly investigated for geohazards in 2019 within an NFR (Research Council of Norway) financed project (CULTCOAST) combining Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Management, climate modelling and Geology. Since the project will not return to the Svalbard sites, we here apply to use the combined strength of the Fram Centre members NIKU, NGU and UNIS to build up and maintain a monitoring effort. This project will enable high resolution measurements and hence geohazard understanding and quantifications of rates of change.

Frost proof websites from: Gnist