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Year: 2021
Project manager: ole.p.vindstad@uit.no

NORTHERN FOREST is an RCN-funded project that focuses on the mountain birch forest of former Finnmark County, northern Norway, with particular emphasis on the main biological stressor in this ecosystem, i.e. outbreaks by defoliating geometrid moths. In NORTHERN FOREST, researchers and stakeholders collaborate closely in order to address knowledge gaps and needs that have been identified as part of a strategic foresight process, including the determinants of forest productivity, the determinants of outbreak-induced forest mortality and recovery, and the development of near-term forecasting tools for the occurrence and impact of outbreaks. A key practical challenge for the project is the processing and presentation to users of large spatial datasets, including gridded climate data, forest productivity maps and near-term forecasts. In the current supporting project for NORTHERN FOREST, we aim to address this challenge by developing processing pipelines and web-based applications (hereafter referred to as “apps”) in Google Earth Engine, which is a state of the art cloud-based software for the processing and visualization of geospatial data. Development will be conducted in close collaboration with end-users. The other main goal of the supporting project is to revisit a long-running (10 years) field experiment, established to test if salvage logging of damaged birch forest after outbreaks promotes forest recovery. Revisiting the experiment will help establish the long-term effects of logging, and is therefore vital to determining if logging is a viable management strategy for mitigating the impact of outbreaks.

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