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UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Year: 2019
Project manager: Claire Armstrong
Project code: 812018

Blue growth and the demand for protection of coastal space and nature, causes tension in the coastal zone. Climate change attenuates the above pressures, increasing the need for planning and adaptive measures. In CoastChange we build on the work of the Coreplan project (funded by the Research Council of Norway, to be finalised early 2019), which studies ecosystem services and their incorporation in coastal planning and governance. In Coreplan aquaculture was the main driver of change in the MSP process, while in CoastChange, climate will take this role, incorporating the challenges posed by climate change in current planning, and for future trade-offs and adaptation in the coastal zone. Climate change knowledge production is highly scientific, yet the consequences of climate change are often experienced by local coastal people via their livelihoods. This project aims to explore potential adaptive co-management linked to ES in two case study areas in Troms and Finnmark counties in the north of Norway, with input from Canadian cases. The aim is to assess climate effects on ES, and adaptive measures to meet these changes, in an inter-disciplinary fashion, both within the different social sciences and across social and natural sciences. A trans-disciplinary approach will also be carried out in the development of a multi-stakeholder collaborative round-table.

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