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NILU – Norsk institutt for luftforskning

Year: 2019
Project manager: Dorte Herzke
Project code: 312018

PLASTOX-NORTH will provide additional support to one ongoing EU project on microplastics (MP) that has obtained excellent external evaluation and funding (JPI-Oceans/NFR (PLASTOX)). We will contribute to the improvement of understanding of the chemical impact of MPs in the Arctic regions, representing extreme climate conditions Little is known about the way Arctic conditions of cold temperatures and extreme light changes affect the kinetics of POP adsorption and other processes. Today the samples containing the highest densities of MP globally recorded for benthic sediments and sea ice are from the Svalbard region (Obbard et al, 2015; Bergmann, M. et al., 2017). Increased urbanization and industrialization of the Arctic together with climate change and long-transported plastic waste resulted in a growing number of forecasts of the increase of plastic litter abundancy in Arctic regions. We need to understand how plastic waste and the related additives changes over time while exposed to seawater and seaice in order to design measures for prevention, remediation and risk assessment.

Frost proof websites from: Gnist