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Year: 2020
Project manager: Jan Åge Riseth
Project code: 493 1192019

Social and natural scientists and stakeholders (Nenets and Sámi) have in 2019 been gathered in Tromsø to exchange research findings and experiences, particularly focusing on contributing to a better understanding of adaptions to different climate sensitive diseases (ReinCSI (Part 1) . Based on the results of this seminar, we will publish and disseminate our knowledge on health challenges related to climate sensitive infections (CSI) and reindeer husbandry. This is an interdisciplinary and comparative project based on the study of different factors affecting reindeer and people of the North. The participants of the 2019 ReinCSI seminar, provided unique information and knowledge on how climate changes influence the health and wellbeing of animals and people. One of the examples is an anthrax outbreak in the Yamal-Nenets region in northern Russia in 2016, that has been linked to climate change and thawing tundra permafrost. Another important change is the increase and spread of the climate sensitive infections (CSI). In this project we are expanding our focus geographically. The areas of study are the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Siberian Tundra Nenets), The Nenets Autonomous Okrug (European Tundra Nenets) and Sápmi. The goal of the project is to write two scientific papers and two popular papers.

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