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07. Apr 2021

IceServices explores how the ecosystem services (ES) related to frozen fresh water on lakes and rivers are affected by climate variability and change. We have a multidisciplinary focus on services of direct benefit to humans; i.e. provisional services (e.g. commercial, subsistence and recreational fishing, tourism, transport over frozen lakes and rivers, and reindeer migration) and cultural services (e.g. recreation, cultural heritage, sense of place and identity). Based on semi-structured interviews, community-based workshops and other participatory methods, the project provides a pilot study of how different local communities perceive values or benefits from ‘ice on water’ and how changes in the spatial and temporal distribution of ice affect these ecosystem services.
The geographical scope of IceServices includes lakes and rivers in West Finnmark. We will work closely with local and indigenous communities (e.g. herders, freshwater fishers, dog handlers and local tourist companies) and management agencies (FEFO and Kautokeino municipality) throughout the project planning and implementation phases, as well as in the dissemination of research results. The project will: 1) map services provided by ‘ice on water’, and community observed changes in the ice cover; 2) collect community members’ accounts about how these changes affect provisional and cultural ES 3) start exploring how current landscape management affect local communities’ adaptive capacity to these changes; and 4) lay the ground for a larger proposal to minimize the impacts on ecosystem services.

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