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07. May 2020

Announcement of project funds from the Fram Centre Flagship Fjord and Coast for 2021


We invite Fram Centre researchers to apply for project funds from the Fram Centre flagship: ‘Effects of climate change on fjord and coastal ecology in the North’ (The Fjord & Coast Flagship, F&C).

2021 will be last functional year for the F&C Flagship before a new flagship structure will be established. New projects can, therefore, only be for one year, with no possibility of continuing into 2022.

The F&C Flagship shall produce knowledge about the near-shore marine environment and its ecosystem for sustainable management of resources and preservation of ecosystem integrity, sustainable management of resources and sustainable development of coastal communities that rely upon these resources. This is accomplished through funding of high-quality research and outreach projects that focus on timely environmental issues and relevant stakeholders.

Ecosystem understanding related to climate change and human use of near-shore marine resources is best developed by working across disciplines (physical oceanography, biology and social science) and through national and international research networks. The F&C Flagship projects should focus on interdisciplinary collaborations, ideally combining natural and social science.

For 2021, we open for proposals for projects up to 500 k NOK, realistically feasible to complete within one year. The project has to be within one or more of the following themes:


·       Research theme 1: Physical – biological links concerning key system drivers that determine habitat characteristics and use of habitats by marine species?

·       Research theme 2: Biotic interactions within assemblages and their impacts on functioning and services of ecosystems.

·       Research theme 3: Understanding coastal socio-ecological systems and interactions and its contribution to sustainable management of coastal resources and development of coastal communities.

·       Research theme 4: How socio-ecological systems adapt to climate and ecosystem changes.


It is also possible to apply for:

·       Support for publishing results derived within F&C Flagship projects (max 250k NOK)


Assessment criteria

The project must include at least two Fram Center institutions and have meaningful collaboration among partners, which should be reflected in budgetary allocations.

Applications that have not undergone external evaluation by the Norwegian Research Council, the EU’s research program or equivalent, will be given a scientific evaluation before being evaluated by the Flagship management team. In case the project already got an external evaluation, please add this evaluation to the proposal.

Applications will be evaluated based on:

·       Scientific quality

·       Relevance according to the Flagship’s science plan Scientific program – Effects of climate change on sea and coastal ecology the the north (Fjord og Kyst)

·       Management Relevance

·       Collaboration across institutions in the Fram Center

·       Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research content

·       International cooperation

·       Link to higher education

·       Dissemination

·       Specific scientific publications (including preliminary titles) expected from this project

·       Project contribution to the development of young research talents (less than 10 years since finishing PhD). Young researchers are therefore encouraged to apply as project leaders.


For further information about the Flagship and the Flagship’s scientific plan click here



·       Application must be submitted on the electronic application portal of the Fram Centre here

·       The application must be written on the Fram Center’s common application template found  here Application form for Fram Centre flagships generic

·       Application must be written in English.

·       There is a strict page limit of 6 pages (excluding references).

·       Proposals asking for publication support only (max 250k NOK) have a page limit of 4 pages.

·       Maximum 6 pages CV for key personnel (project manager and work package leaders) must be submitted

·       When other external evaluations exist (NFR or equivalent), they must be attached to the application.


Applications that do not meet these criteria will not be considered.


The deadline for submitting applications is 02.11.2020. Decisions will be announced in the spring of 2021. An initial allocation of grants will take place by 15.01.2021, but The Ministry of Climate and Environment has a deadline of 15.02.2021 to provide a final financial framework for the flagships. Thus, final allocation of grants will only take place after the grant from The Ministry of Climate and Environment is received.


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